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Myth And Facts About Food

Are you confused about what, when and how much to eat to be fit and healthy? There is so much of contradictory advice you get from everyone and everywhere that it is hard to keep up. So, the food and nutrition experts suggest not to spend all the money on the latest superfood or supplement or swap your Sunday brunch just yet. The information that you will read below will help you to make the right eating choices along with a physical activity that will not only help you have a healthy weight but an overall healthy wellbeing.

Myth: You should give up your favorite food to lose those pounds.

Fact: The fact that you should give up your favorite food to lose extra weight is a great myth, you don’t have to give it up entirely. You should make sure to have it in small portions so that you can get away having your favorite high-calorie or high-sugar food into your diet program and still achieve your weight loss goals. Tracking our calorie intake helps you to understand how much you are consuming and how much you should lose. To lose weight, you should burn calories more than what you take in the form of food and juices. Although you can have your favorite food, you should limit diet that is high in calories. The calorie intake should be based on the age, sex, and activity level of a person. There are many trackers which can help you maintain and track what food you consume, water you drink and the physical activity you do.

Myth: Pasta, bread, and rice add to your weight and should not be consumed when you are on weight loss program.

Fact: The reason refined whole grains are healthier than refined ones is that they can help your stomach to keep full longer. To eat healthy and balanced, it is necessary to include these grains as part of your diet. These whole grains provide a lot of fiber and many other essential nutrients so you should consist of grains like brown rice instead of white rice, consume whole wheat bread, pasta, etc. You can also mix the grains for example instead of refined pasta you should opt for whole wheat pasta or add whole grains and vegetables to dishes.

Myth: Dairy products should be avoided as they are fattening.
Fact: Milk and milk products are essential to your body as they are a food group that is high in protein and calcium. Protein helps to build muscles and calcium is needed for stronger bones. Milk products like yogurt contain Vitamin D which is necessary to absorb the calcium from the food you consume. If you are on a weight loss diet, you can choose low-fat as they have less calorie content than whole milk. Kids and adults should consume dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk at least thrice a day. You can replace it with soy or products which are free of lactose.

Myth: Eating vegetarian will make you healthy

Fact: Eating vegetarian may reduce obesity and other cardiovascular diseases and also lead to weight loss, but you should also consume lean meat to have a healthy and wholesome diet plan.

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