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How To Choose The Correct Weight For Your Weighted Blanket?

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have moved from the status of ‘tools for special needs’ to everyday household products as they provide tons of benefits to the users. If you are planning to buy one, you need to consider the factor whether you are shopping for a child or an adult. The other factors you need to look into are the size, materials used, and the design of these unique weighted blankets. Read this short write up to know how to choose an inexpensive weighted blanket from the market. Read this Full Review to know few tips before you shop for these weighted blankets.

Firstly, let us know few basics about these weight blankets before choosing the right one from the market. Weighted blankets need no explanation as its name is self-explanatory. Being heavier than a normal blanket, this unique blanket comes in various sizes and weights. Besides offering improved sleep, these blankets are pretty useful for people with sleep disorders, autism or other sensory processing disorders to help create a sense of calm. The magic behind this blanket is simple; it works like a warm hug to soothe the body of the user.

As per findings, these blankets like a physical hug produce a feel-good hormone called oxytocin which makes the blood circulation smoother. It also helps the release of the melatonin in the brain which induces sleep. Because of these spectacular benefits, these weighted blankets are widely used to experience a deep sense of relaxation coupled with a better night’s sleep. More importantly, these therapeutic-oriented blankets make people wake up fully rested and refreshed after a sound and deep sleep.

Undoubtedly, these weighted blankets have already made a huge splash in entering our modern bedrooms. People go for these blankets as they provide a sound sleep as well as good comforts. The market offers these blankets with a wide range of weights from five to thirty pounds. The warmth of these blankets can be experienced only when they are placed on you after a massage or after treating any dental disorders. These unique blankets are widely used to enhance sleep and reduce anxiety. Medical experts even prescribe them for people with sleep disorders, autism or other sensory processing disorders to help create a sense of calm.

While choosing a weighted blanket for your kids, always consult your occupational therapist, who will direct you to buy the right blanket for your loved one, after examining your kid. Interestingly, these blankets are to be used after a clear acceptance by the users and not by any force. Such things will not produce any desired results to the users when they use these blankets on compulsion. This blanket offers the right benefits for those who use them voluntarily.

Choosing the right weight of these blankets seems to be the real key for the buyers. Though ten percent rule works for many, it may not work when children grow up with their ages. Hence, it is desirable to consult the experts who can determine the correct weight of these blankets after checking the health conditions of the users. This procedure holds good while choosing the weighted blankets for the adults.

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