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How Is Alzheimer’s Disease Treated?

Alzheimer’s Disease Treated

Alzheimer’s disease is complicated. There is very little chance that it can be treated with any drugs or any other way. At present the procedure is focused on helping the people manage the symptoms regarding their behavior, maintain the function of their mental health and slow down the disease symptoms.

There are many drugs that have been approved by the FDA to treat the people affected with Alzheimer’s. Treating the disease imparts dignity, comfort, and independence for a long time. It will also help assist and encourage the caretakers too. But the medicines work best only at the first or in the middle stage of the disease. For instance, it can slow down memory loss. But it cannot stop the disease from proceeding further.

Lately, a book has been released challenging scientific treatment. The book is named Secret of Underground Treatment which says that it can treat Alzheimer’s disease through herbal treatment and many people have also been benefitted by it too. Check the link to find out more about the disease and medicines.

Treatment for Alzheimer
As it is known that Alzheimer cannot be treated completely, but can slow down the process of the illness. Many medications in the market work best for the disease. For instance, Cholinesterase inhibitors are recommended for patients suffering from mild Alzheimer to moderate disease. They are very helpful in controlling a few of the symptoms related to behaviors. The medications include Exelon, Razadyne, and Aricept.

Namenda, an NMDA antagonist is recommended to patients suffering from moderate to extreme Alzheimer’s. The drug does the work in decreasing the symptoms which would be helpful for the patients to carry over their daily functions for a certain period of time. These are a few of the medications for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Dosage and Side Effects
The doctors start the treatment by usually prescribing dosage at low doses and gradually increasing it. It is known that patients with high dosage are much benefitted with it. But higher the dosages, higher are its side effects.

Careful observation must be done, when the patient is started with the drugs. These drugs may sure come with its side effects like vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and diarrhea. If there is any unusual symptom, the doctor must be consulted immediately. The doctor’s instructions must be carefully followed when the patient is given medications which include the herbal or vitamin supplement. Make sure the doctor is aware of all the drugs prescribed to the patients.

Managing Behavior
The symptoms of Alzheimer’s include agitation, sleeplessness, anxiety, wandering, restlessness, agitation, and depression. The treatments for these symptoms are being studied and are looking at the ways to make the life the patient and the caretakers comfortable.

A few medications can be given to the patient only after the doctor approves and clearly explains its side effects. It includes ant convulsion, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotics drugs.

Scientists are looking for new ways to treat the disease through physical activity, drug therapies, treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular disease and cognitive training.

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